Monday, October 4, 2010

Back in Action

My goodness it's been a while since I've written a new post on Mark of Beauty! Chasing my toddler and tending to other responsibilities has kept me away, but within the past few weeks I have been revisiting some new stuff on biblical womanhood and would enjoy sharing them with you. I can't say that I'm going to be able to spend as much time on here as I have in the past, especially with a new baby on the way in January :), but I'd love to continue passing along helpful resources that I find and encourage you to dive into them with me.

One neat resource that I've found recently is from Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. They've been hosting a series on their blog dedicated to biblical womanhood and it's quite good. Here are some of the posts that I have enjoyed so far:
  • Really Negative Women in Proverbs: Summarizes the negative women of proverbs in a modern day context. The foolish woman. The promiscuous woman. The quarrelsome woman. The embarrassing woman. The moody woman. The flirtatious woman.

  • The Wife of Noble Character: Puts Proverbs 31 into a modern day context and contrasts the post ‘Really Negative Women in Proverbs’.

  • 4 Inadvertent Examples of a Woman in Film: Highlights four recent films that depict women as they learn, inhabit, and demonstrate a more biblical vision of why God made woman than the typical woman we see on the big screen.

  • What I Would Do Differently If I Were a New Bride Today: Jen Smidt, a deacon at Mars Hill Church, lists and works through 11 things that she would do differently now (with age & increased wisdom) that she wishes she would have done as a new bride. (Helpful for women at any life stage.)

  • Awesome Women of Reformation: Summarizes the lives and accomplishments of 14 ‘awesome’ women of the reformation.

  • Talk Like a Lady: Warns us against speaking negatively about ourselves and others. God has created us uniquely and with purpose, and our entire being, including our tongue, should be transformed (Romans 12:2) to reflect His glory.

  • How Not to Change Your Man: Reminds us that God does NOT call us to change our husbands, or ourselves for that matter. Rather, we need to put full confidence in the One who will change us both, and lead each other to the feet of Jesus.

  • Women on the Job: Highlights experiences from 3 different women and shows how the Lord has worked in their lives to make them stand out for Him in their careers. The post also provides 5 helpful tips to strike a balance between working hard, having a life, and loving Christ.
Enjoy your time exploring these posts, and I hope to rejoin you on Mark of Beauty soon!