Friday, August 28, 2009

Living Out Titus 2

I had the unexpected opportunity to catch up with a friend over the phone yesterday, and what I think was intended to only be a few-minute phone call to ask me a question, turned into a 30-minute conversation about godly womanhood and scriptures mandate for older women to 'disciple' younger women in Titus 2. (This is not that unusual though because this friend and I have a long track record of carrying on like this ... but now that we both have kids and don't see each other as often, I tend to forget about these fun conversations that we've always tended to have.)

I'm not really going to get into our conversation, but my point in posting about this is that our chat made me think about how women really need to be in relationship with other godly women so that they can learn from one another -- life experiences and from scripture -- and figure out how it relates to God's call to us as women. (This has been the main purpose of this blog, actually, as I'm learning this stuff, but it can't be solely dependent on reading material like a blog or a book. We must be in relationship with one another!) And to come to find out, women all over our church are organically seeking out and entering into these relationships that we see mapped out for us in Titus 2, and I think it's so beautiful! When there's a need, even if there's no cut-and-dry ministry to fulfill that need, God still finds a way to care for his daughters! (Duh, I know ... but when it's played out before your eyes, it's still very awe inspiring.)

So, as I sit in awe of how God is working in our midst, I am taken back to chapter 11 of Biblical Womanhood in the Home to see how a formal Titus 2 ministry could be shaped. I'm not saying that this is something that has to be in place formally, but it does provide helpful insight into the 'underground' development of the organic relationships that are already forming, and that could potential form within our community groups. This could be a great prayer point to keep on your prayer list, so that women, regardless of age or life experience, could have the opportunity to enter into a Titus 2 relationship that will help them continue pursuing godly womanhood.

Check out chapter 11 of Biblical Womanhood in the Home for yourself and feel free to share any comments that you have.


  1. Courtney,

    Thanks again for these much needed thoughts. After reading Chapter 11, the thing that stuck out the most for me was that being a godly woman is not necessarily a "program" that our leadership should structure, but a lifestyle that we as women should engage in.

    Often we are confronted with our own self-doubt about whether we're "smart enough, wise enough, godly enough" to BE older women. However, if we are "being" godly women we should ultimately be filling the "older" and "younger" role of what it means to be godly women. Hopefully, we are both the teachers and the students of Jesus-filled women, and are able to impart wisdom to other women as well as seek instruction from those wiser than ourselves. God give us boldness to teach others, and a humbleness to learn.