Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spiritual Mothering?

Last week I posted about how we can practically live out the calling of Titus 2, and as I was blog browsing this morning, I stumbled across a book that might provide some very helpful advice on how to pursue and walk through Titus 2 relationships with other women. The book is called Spiritual Mothering. I haven't read it yet, obviously, but I'm looking for a new book right now and this one might be it. Susan Hunt wrote it. She was a contributing author to Biblical Womanhood in the Home, and so I would imagine that she's got some quality stuff to say.

Anyone read this book? If not, consider picking up a copy and as I read through it, hopefully soon, and comment about it, share your two cents as well.

Other books that I'm considering to read right now are Womanly Dominion, which the crew at girltalk just recently read together, and God, Marriage & Family, which Todd Perkins of Vintage21 Church just recommended to families at V21. All three seem like great books, Spiritual Mothering included, but obviously due to time restraints and my budget, I can only choose ONE right now, so I better choose wisely .... I'll just have to pick up the others at another time.

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  1. they all sound good! I need to add books like this to my reading list. Thanks for the suggestions!