Sunday, October 4, 2009

Biblical Womanhood: Revisited

I know Courtney read Biblical Womanhood in the Home back this summer and did some great posts on it, but I am just now digging into this book with 10 of my Sunday School girls. We are reading/discussing it together over the next several months and in preparing for our meeting this week-- the introduction and chapter one have provided some eye opening thoughts to me that I thought I would share.

In just the first few paragraphs of the introduction, Nancy (I act like I know her personally ... haha) talks about "successful" women in society. What a fabulous question for women to ask themselves daily! Success is defined by so many in such different ways. So what/who defines success for you? God truly outlines it for women, but is that we strive for every day or is it something entirely different we are after? Something self-seeking? WOW-- what a simple eye opener. At the end of the day, was I successful in God's eyes?

Moving into Chapter 1, as a former biology teacher, I was so glad to see Carolyn Mehaney touch on the idea that we were CREATED feminine. It isn't a choice you make, it is a gift from God.

I also pondered for quite sometime on page 24-- the fact that "God said it was not good for the man to be alone. We have no record that Adam had complained of any lack. Rather, it was God who declared that aloneness is not good for a man. God was the one who made man aware of his need for a woman." WOW!! Who doesn't know a single woman out there that needs to hear these words-- or wish they had been told this back in their singleness? It is no wonder that single men seem so much more content with singleness than single women. God awakens single men to the desire in His own timing -- not the timing of a less than feminine woman. I never had really considered this but how true it is and it is just one more time that I am reminded that God created us with such different needs that only He can truly meet.

I look forward to sharing more about the book in the weeks ahead!

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