Thursday, May 14, 2009

did the feminist movement even work in the first place?

Here is an interesting article from the new blog, Double X, about the result of the feminist movement (from "culture's" perspective). Here's the bit at the end that grabbed me:

"Now that they have educations, jobs, husbands, and children, they are finding that doing all of these things well isn’t so simple. They don’t suffer from a problem that has no name so much as they nurture resentments with no obvious cause."

My question would be- does the resentment really come from having too many choices/too many roles to fulfill or from unknowingly not becoming the woman they were created to be? It's encouraging to hear that even women who don't know God DO know that fulfilling culture's expectation for their lives is unsatisfying. Maybe that is motivation for them to look for something bigger than themselves.

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  1. I think that all of the choices out there, whether we're talking about women or just humanity in general, are part of Satan's way of distracting us from the Lord. All of the choices allow women to say "Yes We Can," when it should be "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." (Phil. 4:13) So, the answer could be both ... there's too many distractions inhibiting women from seeing the Lord ... but since we were all created in Christ's image, whether we know Jesus or not, we long for something more and we burn out if that "more" isn't Jesus.