Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mark of Beauty, Huh?

Here are my thoughts on Mark of Beauty:

1) 'Mark of Beauty' if rearranged would say beauty mark and emphasizes outward appearance. Since the intent of this blog is to examine the God-ordained responsibilities women have and how we're suppose to do them to glorify God, I thought that if I rearranged the words of this phrase -- take the focus off the beauty and replace it with 'mark,' God's mark -- the rearranging of this phrase would be sort of ironic (that might just be my cheesy humor though).

2) Since our culture typically looks at beauty strictly from a person's, or for our case, a woman's outward appearance ... well, unless you count the new reality show True Beauty as evidence against my argument :) ... and since I want to explore godly womanhood, I want to look past the outer beauty and see what characteristics define or 'mark' a woman as godly. When a woman is able to achieve a life defined by those characteristics, by the power of the Holy Spirit of course, and who she is in Jesus Christ, I believe that's when we'll see true beauty, hence 'Mark of Beauty,' and allow God's 'unveiled glory' to shine through our brokenness (2 Cor. 3:18).

Here's some good commentary on beauty.

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